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Best Food & Beverage Franchise Businesses in India

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Rolls County

rolls county franchise in india

Offering Rolls County Franchise in India

Rolls County currently serves fifty-five forms of rolls – the highest selection that embodies Daily rolls, Fusion rolls, King sized rolls, besides building your meal packages and fast bites additionally. These categories offer a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian wholesome snack foods consisting of heavily stuffed Kathi rolls, tempting French fries, freshly made beverages like cold coffee and iced tea, and much more at pocket-friendly prices. The restaurant also serves paranthas in whole wheat and with less oil. The brand has strong backend support with trained human resources and a supply chain, making it one of the most promising rolls joint franchises with quick payback periods and affordable investments.

2. Bistro 79

BISTRO 79 franchise

Bistro 79 is praised for its low prices and quick service by every customer. Since school students and college goers lead a fast-paced life, they appreciate the fast service and on-the-go options. The brand also ensures that each location is selected wisely to expect huge footfalls from hungry youngsters who do not wish to spend too much money. The brand also pays significant attention to the wants of the customers. As a result, it has been able to create and offer over 50+ drinks till now. Also offered on the menu are breakfast food, pizzas, and desserts.


3. MOMO Box

momo box franchise

Offering Chinese Food Franchises in India. Momo Box is a Chinese/Pan Asian cloud kitchen with more than 20 years of hospitality experience. Momo Box has established a very strong hold in the PAN Asian cuisine segment of the city, making it one of the best Chinese food franchises in India.


4. Rolls Goal

rolls goal franchise

This place serves scrumptious fast food. The restaurant offers a bright and colourful ambience that could lighten up everyone and has an exclusive, budget-friendly menu that caters to the needs and preferences of people of all age groups.


5. Taco Box 

Taco box

Tacos from this place are so so incredible. Highly recommended option. The Mexican authenticity can be felt from their filling & delicious toppings.

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