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Best Cloud Kitchen In Delhi

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1. China Box(Cloud Kitchen)

china box

Chinese cuisine is loved by almost everyone and is a widely accepted in our country. They are available in various forms like the favorite fast food joints or the warm ambient dine in. The present situation is grave as the world is locked in their homes and life has come to a standstill.  Social distancing has caused a catastrophic damage to most of the industries. Cloud kitchens are a unique concept for those who wish to invest into the Food and Beverage industry with low investment and risk factor. During the trying epidemic times, this could prove to be advantageous. With the lockdown slowly relaxing, and life resuming track, cloud kitchens will be the new normal. With having no actual space for the customers it helps keep a track on the spread of the disease, while at the same time, serving the customers. China Box has established itself in the realm of cloud kitchens and lip smacking Chinese cuisine. In a conversation with the founder – Mr. Rohit Tandon, we attempt to uncover the factors behind this unique concept.


2. Rolling Rolls(Cloud kitchen)

Rolling Rolls

Offering Rolling Rolls Franchise in India

Rolling Rolls, They currently serve fifty five form of rolls – highest selection that embody daily rolls, fusion rolls, king sized rolls, beside build your own package meal and fast bites additionally. These categories offer a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian wholesome snack foods consisting of heavily stuffed kathi rolls, tempting french fries, freshly made beverages like cold coffee and ice tea, and how much more at pocket friendly prices. Rolling Rolls also serves paranthas in whole wheat and less oil. The brand has a strong backend support with trained manpower and supply chain, making it one of the most promising rolls joint franchise with quick payback periods and affordable investment.


3. Chinjabi

Chinjabi kitchen

Indian- Chinese food is basically an entire spectrum of comfort food that is so definitively soul-stirring, one feels aghast at the sheer capacity it possesses to make us binge-eat the way we do. No, we don’t just stop at the spring rolls, we want the chili paneer, the chili chicken, then the honey soaked everything, with the pan fried noodles, with the extra chili red sauce. We are suckers for this cuisine, affectionately referred to as Chinjabi, because how else can you get oodles of taste and emotions at the same time? So what are these dishes that help us stay afloat on the shittiest of days? Here they are. 



chaap di hatti (cloud kitchen)

If you’re searching for something flavorful and nutritional, you’ve come to the ideal place. Offering Chaap Di Hatti Franchise in india. Hospitality and your health are our primary goals. We provide ready-to-eat meals at affordable rates without sacrificing quality. A variety of soy-based delicacies, kebabs, sauces, appetisers, and main dishes, are available from Chaap Di Hatti.


5.  Detox Cloud Kitchen

Detox cloud Kitchen

We believe that the food we eat can have a powerful effect on our health. This is why our focus is on creating nutritious, wholesome food using good quality, seasonal ingredients cooked from scratch daily in our kitchen. Simply put, this is food that will make you feel like the best version of yourself. This is food you can trust.





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